Lunar Communications, LLC.

Building an image doesn't happen overnight. Nor does it happen without a well-planned course of action.

Life – and business – is all about perception. The perception of a person, business or organization often makes the difference in its success or failure.

Effective public relations helps shape an image portrayed to the world. It’s about what people read, see or hear about an entity. It molds perceptions by the public at large, along with potential customers or supporters.

Building an image doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it happen without a well-planned course of action.

Public relations is about crafting messages and building support for them. It’s about working with the media, through which many messages are filtered to the public. Today it’s also about understanding and interacting with many online social media communities.

It’s about being prepared to deal with skepticism or even outright hostility. Think “60 Minutes” knocking at the door – would you be ready?

Lunar Communications provides effective, successful public relations representation and counseling. With a background in journalism – real-world experience, not just classroom study – we provide invaluable insight on conducting effective media relations.

We have the resources and know-how to effectively reach out via social media. For example, are you ready to use LinkedIn, not just collect names? And if there’s a specific audience that you’re targeting, we’ll identify the right trade associations or other organizations, and help build relationships.

Perception begets reality, which is why public relations are so important. Knowing where to start, though, can be the biggest challenge in putting forth a positive public image.

Lunar Communications works closely with clients to identify, craft and deliver that image. In this journey of many steps, we help our clients put their best foot forward.

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