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Consider the typical web site. It might have nice graphics, entertaining sounds, video, links and other bells and whistles. Hopefully it’s laid out in a coherent fashion. But at the end of the day, what sells the site – and its products and services – is the written word.

The copy on a web site usually describes a company’s offerings in great detail and hyperbole. There might be talk of “customer service” and clichés such as “our people make the difference.” There might be some self back-patting about an award or two. It probably tells the reader almost everything they want to know about the business.

Ah yes, the reader. The one entity seemingly forgotten here. The one who actually buys the goods and services.

Let’s re-examine the web copy with a different lens. While we’re at it, let’s consider the text of other marketing and promotional items – blogs, brochures, presentations and the like. Does the copy speak to the reader? Does it address their needs? Does it empathize with them?

In other words, is the text focused on the customer? Or is it really just all about the company?

To be more blunt, are you talking to your customers, or at them? 

At Lunar Communications, we focus on “thinking like a reader (or listener).” It’s the perspective we bring to the table. We want your customers to feel at home, instead of looking through a window and tapping on the glass. Think they might be more inclined to buy then?

Good writing doesn’t have to be fancy, flowery or full of multi-syllable words. It just has to be understandable with a clear message that validates the reader (or listener). People like that – it doesn’t waste their time.

So, consequently, they’ll probably like you, too. And we all know the business maxim that “customers buy from people they like.” Sound good? We couldn’t have said (or written) it better.

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